Go Mini’s patented storage units are the perfect catch-all solution for your next move. We have a superior design over competitors like PODS®.

Moving Services From Go Mini's

Using Go Mini's For

Local Moving


Local moving just got easier now that Go Mini’s is here.

The days of renting a truck and counting down the minutes until your rental ends are over. With Go Mini’s all you need to do is pick a container size that fits your needs, and we will do the rest. Once selected, we will bring your Go Mini’s portable storage unit to your home or business anywhere in Minnesota, Wisconsin and the surrounding areas.

There are no worries about rushing or the time-crunch of getting a big truck back to the lot or stressing yourself out in traffic as the minutes count down. With Go Mini's you fill up your moving container at your own pace. Once you are finished packing, we’ll pick it up and transport the container to your new location.

Avoid the stress and struggle of moving day by making the smart choice and rent a Go Mini today.

Using Go Mini's For

Moving & Storage


Moving & Storage simplified with Go Mini's.

Ready to move, but your closing date and moving date are not lining up? What can you do? Where can you store your things?

Go Mini's solves this problem by allowing you to store your moving container at our secure location. Once you have finished packing your belongings in our portable storage container, we will bring it to our secure facility. You can keep it there as long as you need and you will still have access to your things if you need them.

When your new place is ready, we will bring your container to your new location. It is as simple as that!

Find The Right Size For Your Move

12 Ft

Ideal For Many Situations


Go Mini's 12 ft Container

  • Our 12-foot portable storage container is ideal for smaller moves or smaller storage needs.
  • Typically holds 2-3 rooms of furniture.
  • About the size of an 10’ x 10’ storage room.
  • Exterior Dimensions: Length 12' Width 8' Height 8'.

16 Ft

Perfect For Larger Moves


Go Mini's 16 ft Container

  • Our 16-foot portable storage container is the ideal size for medium moves or medium storage needs.
  • Typically holds 3-4 rooms of furniture.
  • About the size of an 10’ x 15’ storage room.
  • Exterior Dimensions: Length 16' Width 8' Height 8'.

20 Ft

When You Have A Lot Of Stuff


Go Mini's 20 ft Container

  • Our 20-foot portable storage container is the smart choice for large moves or large storage needs.
  • Save money over renting two containers with other companies.
  • Typically holds 5-6 rooms of furniture.
  • About the size of a 10’ x 20’ storage room.
  • Exterior Dimensions: Length 20' Width 8' Height 8'.